MailChimp Email Marketing

MailChimp Email Marketing

THE way marketing has evolved the past 10 years will need every marketer, entrepreneur and business owner to think, explore and understand how the different social media and digital marketing platforms can help their businesses to grow in sales and revenue. Email Marketing should never exist on its own, but complemented with other platforms that will need Email Marketing. The same concept to Instagram and Facebook Marketing, they should never exist on its own, but will need the help of landing pages and websites to help in lead and sale conversions.

Are you confused about what I am saying? Email Marketing cannot exist and work on its own. How will we collect databases? How will we be able to target and re-target customers who have engaged with our brands, products or services? The reason why Email Marketing has one of the highest ROI (Return on Investment) in marketing (reportedly 4300% ROI, which means that for every $1 spent in Email Marketing, the marketer gets $43 back)

The best case scenario in Email Marketing

A user comes to our website, interested in our products but was not ready to purchase. The BEST CASE SCENARIO will be that we are able to capture their emails, and contact details, to continue being in touch with these potential buyers via email marketing campaigns, or share with them some benefits and information about our products and services.

Content Marketing

In our case, offering “FREE” content on the services we offer will help us in the collection of emails. For example, we could develop content in the form of a FREE EBOOK for download in exchange for our participants email. It can be about any digital marketing topic, but since the service we are currently exploring about is Email Marketing, it will be best to curate a FREE EBOOK on Email Marketing. We could call it “5 GREATEST Email Marketing TIPS for MailChimp Marketers” and any of our web visitors can download this EBOOK for FREE, in exchange for their email address.

  1. Email Marketing automates your Email Campaigns
  2. Email Marketing helps your customers to constantly be reminded of you, and for your brand to stay on the top of their minds
  3. Email Marketing with platforms like MailChimp gives you open and click rate reports
  4. Email Marketing helps businesses convert potential businesses weeks, months or years down the road
  5. Email Marketing is reported to have 4300% return on investment


Email Marketing Consultancy

For some of you who maybe reading this, maybe familiar with MailChimp, but hope to understand how Email Marketing can aid your business better. Feel free to write to us to enquire about our Email Marketing Consultancy services, to improve your Email Marketing ROI, and also to understand the available marketing and content strategies available for every Email Marketer.

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