Instagram Marketing for Beginners
How can we get started on Instagram Marketing in Singapore and beyond?

Instagram Marketing for Beginners

  1. Statistics we need to know about Instagram:
    Instagram has 1.9M users in Singapore (Source:
    • 54% are female and almost 85% are younger than 45 (Source:
    • The statistics however, does not mean that you will definitely attract more female followers rather than men. In our Instagram account at @skydigitalagency we have 66% men, and 34% women.
    • If your target audience are mostly 45 years old and above, you might want to explore other social media platforms like Facebook with a slightly older user demographics
  2. The core differences about Instagram and Facebook Marketing:
  3. The core differences about Instagram and Facebook Marketing:[contact-form-7 id=”972″ title=”Contact form 1″]
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