Instagram 101 for ENTREPRENEURS

Instagram 101 for ENTREPRENEURS

INSTAGRAM 101for ENTREPRENEURS. What are the key elements to Instagram Marketing compared to Facebook Marketing? Would you like to understand the difference between the 2 BIGGEST Social Media platforms, Facebook and Instagram? Would you like to know the key questions you should be ASKING yourself before diving into Instagram Marketing?

One thing for sure, if you provide fun and valuable content on the social media platform, you’re one step ahead on the Instagram Marketing GAME. However, the key lies with how often you will need to post on Instagram to be “spotted” and “found” by other INSTAGRAM USERS.

And whether you have the capabilities to keep up with the demand for VISUALLY APPEALING GRAPHICS.



✓ Are your audience on this social media platform?
✓ What are the demographics of INSTAGRAM?

It is reported that there are 2 Million Instagram Users in Singapore.
17% are aged between 18 to 24 years old
34% are aged between 25 to 34 years old
22% are aged between 35 to 44 years old



✓ If your audience are on Instagram, how savvy are they with the social media platform?
We need to ask these questions because, the audience maybe there, but if their purchase behaviour leans towards offline purchases on retail stores rather than online purchases, these are crucial considerations to have to be realistic in our expectations of how much sales we will get on the social media platform.

✓ Has customers commented that they like your Instagram Feed?
Yes, there will be customers who will tell you they love what you share on your feed! Well, many brands only sell their products and services on the social media platforms, however, there are other brands that provide valuable, interesting and engaging content on their social media platforms.

Here’s a video where Charmaine, Creative Director of Sky Digital Agency and The Good Designers explores the age group that was easier for Facebook to push their Ads to.

[media_video url=”‹´›fBKmi8cdcU4″ width=”750″ height=”360″ __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”30659f3e3f80cb95a3551ef4479c6435″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/media_video]KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM

Facebook Posts allows LINKS, where as INSTAGRAM doesn’t
To gain more exposure for your INSTAGRAM account, you have to post regularly.
Posting more regularly on Instagram allows you to use more #hashtags, and increases your organic exposure on the social media platform, INSTAGRAM.
The maximum video length for Instagram is 60 seconds
The maximum video length for Facebook is 45 mins, and maximum file size, 1.45GB



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