Facebook Marketing Course for entrepreneurs

Facebook Marketing Course for entrepreneurs


you a startup, entrepreneur, trainer or solopreneur?

Have you heard of your competitors or people who have successfully marketed and advertised their business on Facebook, gotten sales, and used Facebook to GROW THEIR BUSINESS?

Well, the good news is, Facebook Marketing is one of the easiest digital marketing platform any startup, entrepreneur, trainer or solopreneur can KICKSTART, market and advertise on Facebook within days. The social media platform, Facebook, is also suitable for business with limited budgets, as low as $200~$400 per month.

If you are interested to learn more about Facebook Marketing, Sky Digital Agency, also an agency founded by our Founder, Charmaine has a Facebook Marketing Course that helps startups, entrepreneurs, trainers and solopreneurs get started with Facebook Marketing with the RIGHT FUNDAMENTALS, and find GROWTH on this platform.

What you will take away from this Hands-On Workshop:

• Create a Facebook Page or Group (10~15 min activity)
– A video will also be shared with you on how to create a page prior to the workshop, so you can meddle around the page and bring more questions along during the course.
• Create a Carousel Post (5 images), and a Slideshow Post (3~10 graphics converted into a video)
• Use Facebook effectively as a marketing tool to grow their business

What to expect during the workshop?

• Learn and apply practical steps on how you should be spending your weekly Facebook Marketing budget.

• You will learn how to create Facebook Carousel Post (1080px by 1080px) and Facebook Ads (1200px by 628px) dimensions with your PowerPoint or Keynote Applications!

What will be taught in this Hands-on Facebook Marketing Course?

1. Introduction to Facebook Marketing
– Understanding what Facebook Offers
– Brainstorm and learn about your customer’s buyer journey
– Understand how this affects the type of post you should be posting

2. Discuss, Brainstorm & Consultation
– Brainstorm and Consult on your Facebook Campaign Ideas
– Tap into the brains of our trainers to generate and fine tune your Facebook Campaign ideas

3. Facebook Business Page, Tools, Settings & More
– 4 crucial settings with Facebook Page for business
– Automate your Facebook messenger response
– Learn a FREE lead generation tool you can use to collect email and database even when you post organically

4. Learn from 3 Case Studies that went VIRAL!
– Learn and apply Facebook Strategies you have learned from 3 Case Studies that will be shared during the 1-day workshop
– Brainstorm and Design your Facebook Post / Ad Creative with PowerPoint!

5. Facebook Posts & Adverts
– Learn 5 secrets to boost your ORGANIC Facebook Marketing Strategy
– Learn the benefits or Facebook Carousel posts
– Learn the benefits of Facebook Slideshow posts
By the end of the 1-day course, you will be a better Facebook Admin and Marketer, making Facebook Marketing work for you and your business.

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What you’ll need to bring to class:

• Laptop & Charger

• Mouse & Mouse Pad

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What you need to know (for Singaporeans above 25 years old):

This workshop is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

No cash required. Email us at skillsfuture@skycrm.asia for payment instructions on how to register for the course with your SkillsFuture Credits.

Course code on SkillsFuture Directory: CRS-N-0041481

This is a Certificate Workshop.
Receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the workshop from Sky Digital Agency.


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