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Do MORE with Content Marketing in 2018
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Do MORE with Content Marketing in 2018

What is Content Marketing?

  • In short, content marketing is about providing FREE, VALUABLE content online in the form of visuals, infographics, blog post, video, and others to educate your users even before they purchase with you.
  • Say for example, you won a restaurant or a hawker food stall. You could own a website, Instagram account, or even Facebook account. But if we are only “SELLING” our customers our products, that may not help us to be searchable online or even on social media.
  • You could: Share recipes to cooking better, tastier and healthier rice.
  • You could: Come up with new creations every month, share them on social media, and also a simple blog post on your website.
  • You could: Take videos of what’s happening at your store, lunch crowds and even interview customers on what they think of you food, how often they eat at your stall, and whether they would recommend it to their friends. These are various content strategies. They may not incur a sale immediately, but helps in growing people’s interest in you.

How does it help my business to be found online?

  • If you own a dessert F&B stall, and you sell Chendol and other types of dessert. People may look for “Famous Chendol Stall in Singapore” or they may even look for “Ingredients in Chendol” or “How to make Chendol”.
  • If you are contents like these, you increase your exposure as a brand online. If it is a blog posts, highly likely searchable on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. If your content is in the form of a video, you will be searchable on Google (as a video result), and even YouTube.
  • Content Marketing and Strategies include ways on driving awareness to your business and brand in creative ways that may not INCUR a sale immediately.

The best thing about Content Marketing?

  • You could learn how Content Marketing works, and consult with our trainers during our 1-day course!
  • You know your business best, and will be able to be curate the best contents and ideas for your business.
  • Best of all? Our Content Marketing for Social Media and Websites is a SkillsFuture Approved Course.

Here’s a short video to share on what you can expect at our workshops 🙂

Why is our Content Marketing Course different?

  •  80% hands-on activity workshop
  • A lot of brainstorming, writing and storyboarding activities involved in this workshop
  • You’re exploring to use content marketing to drive your business more brand awareness
  • You would like to learn how does content development framework and content marketing work
  • You would like to learn from case studies of what other brands have been doing in Singapore and Overseas to drive their business more organic traffic
  • You would like to understand about the current content marketing strategies for your work and/or business
  • In the long run, you would like to depend more on organic traffic rather than paid advertisement channels

What you will take away from this Hands-On Workshop:

• Learn what content marketing is, and how it helps in lead generation
• Understand the key principles and mechanics of content marketing
• Learn how to develop effective content skills using a systematic approach and framework
• Learn how to write better content for your product, services and business

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to the course
– Learning Outcomes

2. Content Marketing
– Definition
– Examples of Content Marketing / Development
– What is Copywriting?
– What is Content Marketing?

3.1 Case Study: How can good content help me and my business?
– Learn how Good Content has made marketing more effective for Brand’s like:
– Learn how Good Content can give your business a more impactful branding, and help you stay on TOP of people’s mind.
– Learn how you can drive more organic traffic and reduce reliance on paid channels with good HEADLINES
– Learn how Good Content has helped these Brands (Singtel, CPF, SMRT and others) build deeper, long-term relationships with customers
– Lead generation with Content Marketing

3.2 Buyer’s Journey (Content Marketing)
– Learn about your buyer’s journey on the internet
– Brainstorm about your buyer’s journey (online and offline)
– Discuss, Feedback and Consult with the trainer on your buyer’s journey on the internet

4. Case Study: Good VS Bad
– Good and Bad Contents in different formats: Blog, Facebook, Video (Discuss and Learn)

5. Common Mistakes in Content Development
(a) Examples of Common Content Mistakes
(b) Revision, Consultation and Question & Answer

6. Framework for Content Development
(a) Theory and framework
(b) Hands on practice & trainer’s feedback

7. The key elements to a good content
– 6 Key principles to Content Marketing
– 5 Guidelines to Content Marketing

8. Writing Activity (Content Marketing)
– Content Marketing for Social Media based on buyer’s journey
– Consultation with Trainer

9. Hands-on practice for headline and trainer’s feedback
– Example from Trainer – 5 Min
– Hands on practice – 10 Min
– Trainer’s review and feedback – 15 Min

10. Hands-on practice: your very own content, and trainer’s feedback
– Example from Trainer
– Hands on practice
– Trainer’s review and feedback

11. Repurposing Content for different platforms (I.e Landing Page and Facebook)
– Trainer to provide good examples
– Hands-on practice
– Trainer’s feedback and Review

12. Final consultation time with Trainer

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of content development, it’s framework, to apply in your work and Business.

This workshop will also help you learn about content development, and how you can kickstart your content marketing strategy for your work and business.


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What you’ll need to bring to class:

• Notebook & Pen (Recommended)
• Paper & Pen will be provided


What you need to know (for Singaporeans above 25 years old):

This workshop is SkillsFuture Approved & Claimable.

No cash required. Email us at skillsfuture@skycrm.asia for payment instructions to pay us directly with your SkillsFuture Credits.
Course code on SkillsFuture Directory: CRS-N-0043408

This is a Certificate Workshop. Receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the workshop from Sky Digital Agency.

PIC Grant: 40% of course fee

For company sponsored individuals, your company can claim 40% of course fee (for training conducted by external vendor) from PIC if your company is eligible.

More about the PIC Grant: https://goo.gl/qlldQz
P.S. For company sponsored employees, companies get to claim $2/hour from SkillsConnect’s Absentee Pay Roll.