5 Crucial Facebook Marketing Tips

5 Crucial Facebook Marketing Tips

Here is a video on 5 MUST HAVES in Facebook Marketing.

This video talks about traditional businesses in F&B and retail sector whom would like to explore digital marketing to get more sales.

The common mistakes made by businesses with their Facebook profiles and what they can do to improve their profile pages.

Last but not least, marketing budget businesses need to think about and explore with today’s change and growing technology.


[text_block text=”‹¨›p‹˜›‹¨›strong‹˜›What you will learn in this video:‹¨›/strong‹˜›‹¨›/p‹˜›‹¨›ul‹˜›‹¨›li‹˜›5 key principles and must haves in Facebook Marketing: Marketing Strategy, Social Media Plan, Insights and Measurements‹¨›/li‹˜›‹¨›li‹˜›Aside having good visuals, what else is needed in your graphics on social media?‹¨›/li‹˜›‹¨›li‹˜›Questions businesses owners need to ask themselves when marketing on social media‹¨›/li‹˜›‹¨›/ul‹˜›” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”815c1f930898cb1174d3b088d247108e” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/text_block][accordion tabs=”‹º›{‹²›tab_title‹²›:‹²›What you will learn:‹²›,‹²›tab_content‹²›:‹²›- Marketing Strategy‹ª›r‹ª›n- Why a Social Media Plan is important‹ª›r‹ª›n- Key questions to ask yourself as you start your Facebook Marketing‹ª›r‹ª›n- Key considerations to aid every brand‹³›s brand awareness on social media‹ª›r‹ª›n- How to improve your digital presence on social media‹ª›r‹ª›nand many more…‹²›}‹¹›” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”78467ddf15a603460d5ac8b9df172ca0″ _array_keys=”{‹²›tabs‹²›:‹²›tabs‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/accordion]

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