Hi everyone!

A brief introduction of myself, I’m Charmaine Lee, founder of Clee Designs (2010), Sky Digital Agency (2014), and The Good Designers (2015).

Being a web designer by training, my passion for digital marketing and design evolved over the last 8 years as I grow in my entrepreneur journey.

My main expertise is in consulting and training others these days, and keeping definitely still keeping in touch with my design skills!


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Charmaine Lee - Founder of Clee Consultancy

Below are some videos addressing some essential digital marketing topics.

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Do you have a monthly advertising budget for Instagram & Facebook of approximately $150 to $300 per month?

If you do not, here's a video you need to watch for some benefits of paid advertising on social media platforms.

Are you starting on Instagram Marketing too?

Let's explore the benefits and challenges in Instagram Marketing.

Today, everyone understands they need to use Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, SEO Google Strategies for their business.

The question is, how can we approach digital marketing with the right principles, without making too much mistakes, and find success online?

Here are some of our videos, and if you would like more, check out Sky Digital Agency’s Blogs.

Are you wondering how you can find success with Social Media Marketing? Here are some tips in the 3 min video below!

Charmaine Lee - Founder of Clee Consultancy

Charmaine Lee

Founder & Creative Director

Being a web designer by training, and having a let’s do it attitude, Charmaine took a bold step at the age of 21, and founded her first Web Design Agency in 2010, called Clee Designs Creative Agency.  

That was the BEGINNING of her super exciting roller coaster entrepreneurial journey. She has also been invited to speak and share with Secondary School students who are curious and thinking about pursuing a career in the creative industry.

She started her design career working at StarHub, GolfGreedy,com, and CITISPA. Enjoying the process and the product of what she did as a creative, she started her own agency, focusing on design in 2010, but grew in capacity – more than just design, but social and digital strategy, she made a bold move, to rebrand the company as Sky Digital Agency in 2014. 

Sky Digital Agency currently services clients, and also offers full day SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Social Media and Digital Marketing Courses from Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, Content Marketing to LinkedIn Marketing.

Reach out to Charmaine...

If you organization or school would like to engage Charmaine for Digital Marketing Strategy Training, Sky Digital Agency currently has more than 8 SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Digital Marketing Courses!

While The Good Designers currently has 6 SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Courses, from Infographics Design in Microsoft PowerPoint (Psst… The Good Designers offers 3 types of infographic design courses), Video Content Marketing Training and more, email us at hello@skycrm.asia

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional” ​

– Cameron Moll

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