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Clee Designs was founded in 2010 by Charmaine, who is also the founder of Sky Digital Agency and The Good Designers.

Charmaine is a serial entrepreneur who has evolved from being a web designer, to a creative thinker, and a self taught digital marketer.

She gives practical advise and genuinely wants to help others learn how to build a better online presence for themselves and their business.


Today, everyone understands the need to use Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, SEO Google Strategies.

The question is, how can we approach digital marketing with the right principles, without making too much mistakes, and find success online quickly?

Here are some of our videos, and if you would like more, check out Sky Digital Agency’s Blogs.

Are you starting on Instagram Marketing too? Here's a video that might help!

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So what’s next? 

Aside running Sky Digital Agency and The Good Designers, Charmaine hopes to do more in mentoring and helping other entrepreneurs kickstart their entrepreneurship journey, even if you might be in the a similar field!

Charmaine will be launching a series of videos on Sky Digital Agency’s YouTube Channel, and also some FREE and Paid Courses on Udemy!

She hopes to share her experience, so others will not make the mistakes she did when she started her first agency back in 2010!

If you have set yourself out to make a difference in society, disrupting the economy and provide value, read on!

What is SEO?

This video is for you, if your website is not ranking on Google.

Quick tips for you to know and tweak immediately and start getting more businesses online!

Social & Digital Marketing

Social Media and Digital Marketing is probably the best invention that has happened for all startups and small businesses.

Allowing Business to:
✓ Start marketing and advertising with a lower advertising budget
✓ They are more targeted. i.e. Age group, gender, location.
✓ Digital Marketing, i.e. Facebook Marketing is not only a cost effective method but they can be MEASURED!
✓ QUICK Advertising P
enetration, Ads approved within hours, allowing advertisers to tweak ads quickly for FAST results.

Social Media and Digital Marketing has helped many businesses grow, and have a higher Return on Investment (ROI) on their marketing and advertising budgets. 

One of them is email marketing.

Charmaine Lee - Founder of Clee Consultancy


Founder & Creative Director

Being a web designer by training, and having a let’s do it attitude, Charmaine took a bold step at the age of 21, and founded her first Web Design Agency in 2010, called Clee Designs Creative Agency.

That was the start of her entrepreneurial journey, as she started by designing websites for her clients, CITISPA, Singapore Pools, Toppan Forms, to name a few.

Enjoying the process and the product of what she did for her clients, her agency grew in capacity, and rebranded as Sky Digital Agency in 2014. Sky Digital Agency currently services clients, and also offers full day SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Courses from Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, Content Marketing to LinkedIn Marketing.

Collaborate with us

If you have a domain expertise, and you would like to collaborate with us on events, short workshops, or even come together to share your insights with youths-at-risk together with The Good Designers, get in touch with us at


Organizations and Government Agencies
We are looking for partners who would like to come along side us to campaign Lifelong Learning initiatives in Singapore, and programs to help equip youth beneficiaries. 

These are headed by The Good Designers, a social enterprise Charmaine started in 2015.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook.


Are you a creative?
If you would like to share your domain expertise, any area in design, production, copywriting, creative skills, we’re looking for collaborators! 

We hope to equip youth at risks in youth homes in Singapore with creative skills, and bring them on learning journeys to see the behind the scenes at production and creative startups and companies.

We’re looking to organize a conference and training to equip startups in Singapore, Cambodia and Myanmar!


Are you a startup?
We’re looking to form a meet up group for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. If you have started your business recently, less than 12 months ago, GET IN TOUCH WITH US!

We would like to share practical steps about digital marketing trends on client projects to help one another grow. The meeting will be held once a month. Reach out to us at if you’re interested!

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“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional” ​

– Cameron Moll